What is a Passion Blog?


If you’ve read my eBooks or you’ve read some of my other blog posts or comments on other blogs, you may have heard me talk about the Passion Blog. This is a term I like to use because it describes what I think we should all be striving to create, as bloggers.

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A passion blog can be about anything, as long as you’re passionate about the subject. Let’s add to that, you must be passionate about the subject, NOT the money or fame the subject will bring you, if you achieve expert status within the arena.

This is an important distinction because anytime you’re doing something for the money you’re reasons for doing it are incredibly flawed. When you’re writing for your blog and it’s not money motivated, you’ll have a much better chance of success and you’ll be running a true passion blog.

What You’ll Discover on a Passion Blog

The subject matter isn’t important, as long as it’s your calling/passion/purpose. If you love the topic you’re talking about on your blog, the things your readers will discover will all be the same or at least very similar.

Readers will know you, through your passion blog. It’s impossible to run a passion blog successfully without injecting yourself into the writing. You’re a writer, which means you’re a story teller and a deliverer of information. Those go together and you will pull from your own experiences and thoughts, which means you become a part of the passion blog.

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When a blog doesn’t qualify as a passion blog, it doesn’t include the writer/owner. It’s a different animal and you won’t learn as much about the blogger because their heart and soul isn’t found within the blog.

Putting your heart into your passion blog means your readers will get excellent information weaved in with stories and thoughts from your life. It’s like reading a good book, piece by piece, and learning a little bit more about the blogger with every post.

While you will learn about the blogger, you will find incredible authenticity on a passion blog. This is something many new bloggers and some veterans simply miss or are afraid of. Authenticity sells bigger than anything else. You could write the best sales copy in the world and it won’t sell as well as authenticity.

Let’s look at the weight-loss niche as the example to help drive this point on authenticity home. If you’re looking to lose weight and you’ve become a bit desperate, are you going to jive well with someone doing a simple review of a weight-loss product they’ve never used? Probably not, even if the review is written perfectly.

You’re going to jive well with someone telling you their story of how they lost 100 pounds after they fell into the desperation you’re currently feeling. As they go through the story and tell you, in painstaking detail, every emotion they felt and how they struggled, but kept going, you’ll become inspired and you will likely latch on.

This is how bloggers get a following that works hard for them. It’s done through authenticity. Take Blogging from Paradise as the example. Ryan constantly weaves his own experiences into his posts, eBooks, videos and podcasts. While you may not get the entire story as the blog post itself, he shares his experiences and he’s RYAN, not someone else. He’s authentic and that’s why he has over 50,000 Twitter followers ready to share is every word with the world.

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Authenticity is an ingredient often missed by bloggers and it’s a necessary ingredient. If you’re not authentic on your blog, it’s probably not a passion blog; or at least not yet.

What You Don’t Find on a Passion Blog

I really want to tell you that you won’t find any annoying ads on passion blogs, but that would be false. While true passion bloggers don’t include ads, there are some new ones that haven’t quite figured this part out yet.

Ads are distracting and they are all about money. You cannot control the ads (unless you take on sponsors) and they could go against your message or beliefs. This doesn’t fit into the passion blog mentality, as it’s not about your passion or you at all.

Another thing you won’t find on a passion blog is a ton of negativity. I don’t believe it’s possible to be super negative and passionate about something at the same time. Now, that doesn’t mean you cannot disagree with someone, take a side or write something controversial that half the people reading may take as negative because they disagree with you.

Negativity and disagreeing are two different things.

It also doesn’t mean that your blog has to shoot rainbows and colorful flowers up everybody’s butt in order to be a passion blog. It simply means, you don’t fill the posts with incredible negativity.

While a passion blog can have some negativity, as we don’t experience everything in a positive way, it’s framed in a way where it doesn’t show hate. Even a political blog that is a passion blog won’t show hate towards the opposition. There’s no room for hate on a true passion blog and it won’t even be tolerated in the comments.

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You can run the most controversial blog in the world without it becoming hateful. Now, we are not judging the hate or the negativity based on how all readers see you or receive your words. That would be silly. There are a ton of negative people out there that could find something wrong with anything and everything you write. Just read some of the comments people receive on YouTube after posting a very positive video.

You don’t have control over other people’s actions; only your own. As long as you’re not writing in a negative way, you’re doing your part. Don’t let a negative reader take you down, as they will certainly try.

I have received negative comments before and they usually come from an email address, such as someoneyoudontknow@myself.com or something that is obviously fake. They spout their hate and I delete their comment because I don’t need it, nor do I allow it. That’s their problem and I didn’t cause that.

Trust me on this one, when someone starts to get hateful or negative on your blog, in the comments section, they have bigger problems and it’s not your fault. You didn’t cause the hateful attitude they have and you probably can’t do anything to fix it, either. It’s best to ignore it and move on.

Why All Bloggers Need to Create Passion Blogs

Creating a blog is one thing. Creating a passion blog is an entirely different thing. I have created about 50 blog in my lifetime, but only one passion blog so far. This is my passion blog and it’s the only one I have.

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Bloggers need to find their calling/passion/purpose and share it with the world. There’s no two ways about it and anything you create outside of your calling/passion/purpose is driven by impure motives. If it’s not a passion blog, it’s just about making money, spreading negativity or spreading hate.

When you blog about something you love, you share joy, you share triumph, you share love and you share yourself. You don’t have to have a passion blog about something deep to share yourself. It can be about fishing, fashion, traveling, writing, charity, skiing, playing a sport, learning a new language or a million other things.

If you want to truly become a successful blogger, you need to start a passion blog. Take money out of the equation and make it about what you truly love and what you really want to share with the world.

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When you do this, you will be running a passion blog and you will attract all kinds of amazing things. Write for the love of your subject. Write to help others. Write to share your authenticity with the world.

Be yourself, write like you’re speaking to a friend and enjoy blogging. Stop worrying about the money and start sharing your authentic story with the world. Nobody else has a story like yours and trust me, it’s interesting. Share it and watch your army of followers help you share it.

There’s no two ways about it; if you want to be a successful blogger, you need to start a passion blog, not a money blog. The sooner you learn that lesson, the sooner you can stop working and start playing. Enjoy your writing and watch your passion blog flourish!

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