Turning your Passion into a Blog & Source of Income (Amazon eBook)


So you want to become a successful blogger, but you don’t know how. That’s why people like myself have been put on this earth. I am here to help you take your passion and turn it into a blog…and a source of income.

Your calling/passion/purpose is something you're supposed to do every single day, regardless of the money. Click To Tweet

Your calling/passion/purpose is something you’re supposed to do every single day, regardless of the money. Cash is just a by-product allowing you to survive as you continue to live a joyful life working within your calling/passion/purpose.

Often, when we discover our passion, we don’t know exactly how to share it with the world. Starting a blog is a great way to go about sharing your story and your passion. Whether you love to fish, camp, create art, teach, market, parent or anything else, you can start a blog and share your passion with the world.

I wrote this specific eBook for those with an idea of what their calling/passion/purpose is and want to share it. With your blog as your vehicle, you can enjoy your passion every single day and I will show you how through my eBook titled:

Turning your Passion into a Blog & Source of Income (Amazon eBook)


  • Find out if you’ve really found your Calling/Passion/Purpose
  • Discover why a blog is an incredible vehicle for sharing your passion with the world
  • Learn how to choose the right niche for your passion blog
  • Get started with all the necessary basics for blogging NOW!
  • Find out how often you should or need to post and how long each post should be
  • Discover some of the top elements you need to include in your blog
  • And More!

I get straight to the point with this eBook because I am not here to waste your time. I want you to get started working within your calling/passion/purpose as soon as possible. If you choose to use a blog to deliver your message, this eBook is a great place to start.

You’ll discover exactly what you need and why you need it. You’ll get started fast and you’ll be on the way to working within your passion daily through your new blog!

The Cover

I took this picture while my wife and I were visiting Door County in Wisconsin. There’s actually a jet ski in the picture, too, but you cannot see it on the cover. It created the white line of water near the sailboat.

This picture was chosen for the cover because the water and the boat makes me feel inspired! Someone is out there enjoying their passion – and maybe even their calling. They are enjoying life and one day, my wife and I may be enjoying the world on a sailboat.

Right now, we are traveling the United States – which is why I get so many great pictures for my eBook covers. We are having a blast because we are working in our calling/passion/purpose and we are seeing inspiring things all the time. You can do the same thing, once you get your passion blog up and you start working in your calling/passion/purpose every single day.


  1. The Calling/Passion/Purpose Test
  2. Why a Blog?
  3. What can you Really Blog About?
  4. Choosing your niche
  5. Get Started ASAP
  6. How to Start
  7. How often should you post?
  8. How long should your content be?
  9. Other Elements of Blogging to Consider
After you've discovered your calling/passion/purpose, it's time to deliver it to the world. Click To Tweet

After you’ve discovered your calling/passion/purpose, it’s time to deliver it to the world. Just about any passion can be turned into a blog and shared with the world. Put the tips found in this eBook into practice and you’ll be posting to your new passion blog in no time!

The eBook

Turning your Passion into a Blog & Source of Income (Amazon eBook)

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