Top 5 Reasons to Go Vegan As Soon As Possible

You might think I am crazy for going vegan and that’s okay. I have always been a bit eccentric and weird and I embrace it.

Going vegan requires some incredible willpower, at first, and then, it just becomes life. While I am still very fresh into it, I have been meatless for nearly 30 days at the time of writing this and cut way back on meat about 75 days ago. I struggled with giving up pizza up until just a few weeks ago when I made the leap to complete veganism.


You may have your reasons or you may not be sure why you should even consider going vegan. Here are five great reasons to make the leap to veganism as soon as possible.

Your Health

...when you become a vegan (plant-based, not Oreo-based) you will be healthier... Click To Tweet

We love to think food makes us happy, which it does, but it also robs us of energy, causes disease and makes us ill; if you’re eating the wrong foods. However, when you become a vegan (plant-based, not Oreo-based) you will be healthier, happier, more energetic and you will lose weight, if you need to. It’s a great way to gain better health and get back to eating what God put on the earth for us to eat.


Oh no, I brought God into it and you’re going to say, “But God gave us animals to eat, too.” We didn’t eat animals until the fall and even then, it was only out of necessity. In the Garden of Eden, man and animal were friends and the first murder of an animal didn’t occur until after Eve ate the apple.

In addition, throughout history, we have only eaten animals out of necessity, usually in areas where there weren’t plant foods year-round or the harvest wasn’t so plentiful. Today, we have no excuse, as we have access to the biggest variety of food ever known to man. It’s a choice, not a necessity in today’s world and no; you don’t need animals for protein as plenty of protein can be found in plant foods. don't need animals for protein as plenty of protein can be found in plant foods. Click To Tweet

You’ll Be Helping Animals

Every vegan has the ability to save over 100 animals per year. The animals that become those plastic wrapped slabs of beef and chunks of chicken in your grocery store have suffered greatly for your appetite. In addition, other animals that don’t make the cut are simply discarded like trash.

Factory animal agriculture is cruel and there’s no two ways about it. Sure, it may not be quite as cruel as it was 30 years ago, but turning animals into gluttons, restricting their space, having them live in their own feces and slaughtering them is all 100% cruel.


Not only is it cruel, but most of the animals grown for food are slaughtered well before they reach their life expectancy. We want to rationalize it as okay because we need to eat, but we have choices and don’t have to eat animals. Did you know a pig is often slaughtered between 4 months and one year old (once they hit the right weight), but the life expectancy of a wild pig is 4 to 8 years and they have the ability to live up to 20 years.

Do we really think that it’s a good life for an animal and we are showing compassion when we fatten them up and kill them far before their life should be over?

If you love animals, veganism is the right choice.

Far Less Chance of Disease

I cannot put together the incredible amount of studies and information in the book How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D. in this blog post. However, there are multiple instances where he compares the risk of those on the typical western diet (it’s becomes a way of life in eastern countries, too) to those practicing a plant-based diet. He includes flexitarians, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans. Every single time, vegans are the group with the absolute lowest risk factor and not just by a little.

In addition, he and other doctors have used plant-based, vegan diets to cure heart disease, diabetes and so many other diseases, even cancer. It’s natural, healthy and the best way to prevent disease in our corrupt, profit-driven world today. A woman even cured her MS with a plant-based diet.

Big Agriculture Doesn’t Feed People

I have heard it too many times to count and even from my own family members: GMOS help to feed people. It’s utter BS and one of my driving reasons for becoming Vegan. Most of the GMO crops are given to animals and the corn fed to people is done in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which we all should know is horrible for us. In fact, 79% of the US grain production is used for livestock, while 5 million acres of rainforest in South and Central America has been destroyed for cattle pasture and Animal Agriculture is the top water pollution source. Animals produce about 10 times as much waste as humans and it ends up in our water and air.

You may think, well the animals have to eat, too. However, studies have shown that it takes an insane amount of water, feed and soil to create just one pound of beef. Here are the numbers:

  • 2,500 gallons of water for one pound of beef
  • 12 pounds of grain for one pound of beef
  • 35 pounds of topsoil for one pound of beef
  • The energy equivalent of one gallon of gas for one pound of beef

*Stats from

So when you think GMOs are feeding people, they are actually feeding cows and other animals, which is a complete waste. If everybody stopped eating just chickens and we gave their feed to humans instead (or used that land to grow actual plant food for humans instead of garbage GMO crops) we could not only feed the entire world, but we would have leftover food.

Companies using GMOs crops to feed animals are NOT feeding humans. They are feeding their profits as they simply do not care about you or me. In fact, they hope you eat meat 3 times a day, have their hands on the throats of government and have convinced them to make the government health standard to eat 3 slabs of meat a day, drink 3 glasses of milk a day and eat eggs every day. If you’ve ever wondered why we think it’s not a meal without meat, it’s the brainwashing of the government, which has been financed by big agriculture and food companies.

Vegan Food is Tasty

It takes about 2 weeks to completely change what your taste buds want and enjoy. You have to try something new about 15 times before you develop a taste for it. If you don’t eat many vegetables, give it a couple weeks of a plant-based diet and you will crave them.

If you don't eat many vegetables, give it a couple weeks of a plant-based diet and you will crave them. Click To Tweet

There are tons of delicious alternatives to everything from hamburgers to ice cream to cheese and more. Vegan food has become far more popular than it used to be and it’s easier to find in stores because more people are eating a plant-based diet.

There are several other reasons from environmental to social justice to morality and more. If you’re considering becoming vegan, you need at least two strong reasons you can latch onto or you probably won’t last. What are your reasons for becoming vegan? List them in the comments below.

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