This Isn’t A Vegan Blog…BUT

When you get into blogging, it’s important to clearly define what you want to talk about. Many will call this their niche. I don’t believe in choosing this niche based on what you think will make you the most money and I also don’t believe you cannot talk about anything else on your blog at all.

There are many things that directly or even indirectly fit within your niche. For example, if I chose to blog about golf (I did this once, but it wasn’t my true passion) I could still talk about fitness, psychology, planning, mentality and a number of other things as they all relate to golf.

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My blog,, is about personal growth and personal development. This niche is very broad and can take on a number of unique twists. Many personal development bloggers focus on certain elements, such as productivity, time management, etc. I do and will continue to focus on these elements as they certainly relate to personal growth, but there’s more to our growth towards the best version of ourselves than just productivity, time management, meditation and the normal topics.

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I am a huge believer, specifically because it has had such a positive effect on my life, that diet is directly connected to so many elements of personal growth. It’s directly connected to productivity, self-discipline, will-power, our spiritual selves and so many other aspects of our lives. If you don’t have the right diet, you won’t find the energy you need and you may not have the most positive relationship with food.

While I practice a vegan, plant-based diet, I am not tell you that you have to, nor will I ever judge you for eating meat, dairy, fish or anything else I don’t eat. I think vegans already get a bad name because, as always, there’s a small group that comes off very smug and fit into the “holier than thou” category. You can find this with anything in life from religion to politics to diet to exercise to business.

It’s just a part of it. When we, as humans, take on strong beliefs, some of us become smug and arrogant. Others come off this way because they are very passionate about what they believe. While I may be a part of the latter, I am not here to judge you, tear you down or try to convince you my way is the ONLY right way, because it’s not. Plus, there are enough marketers and modern-day companies out there to tear you down and make you feel like crap. I don’t need to be or want to be a part of that crowd.

My Blog isn’t a Vegan Blog


If you came here hoping for vegan recipes and all kinds of great, sound advice on how to eat vegan, you came to the wrong place. While I will occasionally provide tips and helpful advice about becoming and remaining vegan, this isn’t a blog specifically dedicated to vegan eating. I talk about the vegan diet because I use it and I believe it’s linked directly to productivity, energy and health for me.

I won’t tell you that if you don’t become vegan you will never become the best version of yourself or you won’t ever achieve complete productivity. I do believe if you don’t cut back from the American standard consumption of meat and add more plant foods to your diet, you’ll probably be at a higher risk for many specific illnesses and diseases, which are detailed thoroughly in the book How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D. However, food and diet is a very personal thing and it’s not up to me to make that decision for you, nor is it up to me to judge you for your choices.

Vegan Eating Will Sneak In

It’s impossible for a true blogger, who truly wants to share their life and story, to write without letting parts of themselves and their experiences to sneak in. Sometimes, it’s not so sneaky, but more like a slap in the face.

Sometimes, it's not so sneaky, but more like a slap in the face. Click To Tweet

Just as us true writers cannot keep our lives secret in our writing, readers often take things based on their own experiences and can twist the tone of the message based on their lives and how they perceive the world. In both cases, it’s perfectly fine, healthy and good that it happens.

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Real writers need to share what’s rolling around in their noggins and those reading it need to take the words in a way that makes sense to them. As you get to know me, or any other writer, you’ll gel with my style (or not) and you’ll understand more of where I am coming from because you’ll better know me. This is part of the author/reader relationship and a wonderful part to boot.


This isn’t a vegan blog, but you will see vegan things throughout my writing. Sometimes, I will write specifically for the vegan crowd, but if you’re here for productivity, time management, personal growth and personal development advice, read the vegan posts, too. You’ll find tips and tricks in there that you may be able to apply to your life right now.

I have a strong belief that what we put in our bodies have a direct impact on what we put out into the world. If you eat healthy, plant foods, you’ll likely feel more energetic, feel less weighed down and you’ll likely find more joy in your overall eating. In addition, you’ll likely waste less, want less, need less and live a simpler, fuller life.

Eating right is one of the core steps in life to just about everything else. Click To Tweet

Eating right is one of the core steps in life to just about everything else. If you read books on joy and happiness, you’ll likely find diet and food sneaking in there somewhere. If you read books on running a business, you may find diet advice to help build the foundation for your days. It can be found in so many parts of our life because it is at our very core.

You are what you eat and I am a vegan. It will be a part of my writing because it’s a part of my story. I won’t judge you and I hope you won’t judge me. Even if you don’t eat vegan, you can still get plenty out of every single post I put up, if you empty your cup, open your mind and apply anything that sounds good or helpful to your very life.

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