The Living Dead: A Society of Habitually Lazy People


I am really into zombie shows, specifically The Walking Dead. One of the cool things about these shows, to me at least, is how they mirror society, in a non-specific way. You have characters that thrive, those just trying to survive and the zombies just walking through life without a clear path.

Do I really think we are a society of habitually lazy people? Yes.

Do I really think we are a society of habitually lazy people? Yes. Click To Tweet

Do I think we can change into a society of productive people? No, but I think some of us can.

Our world is set up to teach you to be habitually lazy. We are taught to compartmentalize life from the very beginning of our days in school. We are taught that it’s normal to leave your home in the morning for work and return later that night right before dinner time. This is what we teach to our children as normal, yet, it hasn’t been normal for all that long.

In fact, if you study history, you’ll quickly see that working the 9 to 5 type of job isn’t normal at all. Do I really think we are a society of habitually lazy people? Yes. Then, when you realize that in the United States 9 to 5 isn’t the norm, yet 7 to 7 or even later is the norm, you’ll quickly see how far we have strayed from our roots and from what truly is normal.

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Sure, there have always been people that work for other people. However, it hasn’t always been to the capacity it is today. Part of the reason is simply the way we teach our children.

In the United States (and other countries, too) we are raised to go to college, get a degree and go get a job. Then, you’re supposed to be the first to show up, the last to leave (to impress the boss) and put in more hours than anybody else until you fall over. Once you get a few promotions, it’s supposed to make life easy, but it just leads to more stress, more hours and horrible health, at least for most.

We have a standards 40-hour work week, but most corporate workers put in far more than 40 hours of their week. Considering you, and everybody else, get 168 hours every week, giving up 40+ for work seems like quite a bit.

Once you subtract the amount of sleep you should be getting and time for other necessary things (eating, going to the bathroom, grooming, etc.) you’re left with about 90 to 100 hours in your week. Subtract out the time from the weekend and you have closer to 65 or 70 hours left.

This means, if you work Monday through Friday for 40 hours, you only have 25 to 30 hours left for other things, not including your commute. That’s assuming you only work 8 hours a day and don’t get stuck with a 9-hour day due to a lunch hour or don’t have to work 10+ hours per day. You could easily work an eight-hour day with a one-hour commute each way and be spending 50 hours or more “at work” every week.

This is engrained in us from kindergarten through college. Show up in the morning, work your butt off to get good grades, participate in a number of extra things and let school and school activities be your entire life. It gets worse when you get to high school and even in college; you’re being trained to work for someone else.

Going back to the society of habitually lazy people, I don’t know if everybody has a chance of actually breaking free from this. It’s so easy to get stuck in a pattern and just accept that what modern society teaches as normal is actually normal and you should be a part of it.

It's so easy to get stuck in a pattern and just accept that what modern society teaches as normal is actually normal Click To Tweet

Why the Majority are Zombies


If you watch The Walking Dead, you know that the majority of those people in the show are zombies. While we may not know them by name, they have flooded the earth and only about 10% of those left are actually alive. Out of those 10% alive, about 8% are just surviving and 2% may be actually thriving.

This isn’t that far off from how it is in our culture today in the United States. A large percentage of the population is walking through life taking the easiest route possible and missing their entire calling/passion/purpose. Many people have never woken up or they have, but never took action.

Many people have never woken up or they have, but never took action. Click To Tweet

So many people have so much to contribute, but they are too busy staring at the TV, drinking at a bar, exhausted from their 60+ hour work week or trying to support a family on peanuts that they never wake up.

So many people have so much to contribute, but they are too busy staring at the TV Click To Tweet

They never take the chance necessary to truly grasp what life has to offer. These are the zombies wandering around doing the same thing over and over again with only one worry in the world: where will my next meal come from?

These people have every rationalization in the world, every excuse in the book and all they really want to do is stay the same because being lazy is so easy and so comfortable. Anything outside that comfort zone would wreak havoc unless the situation was absolutely perfect.

They were taught to be this way and I don’t blame the zombies in our world, at least not completely. They went to school. They got a job. They bought the house. They found the spouse. They had the kids and did everything modern society tells them to do. Maybe not in the same order, but they did it all.

They drink at the same bars every weekend because that’s just what you do. They go to the same few places for vacation twice a year because that’s just what you do. They watch the same TV shows and binge watch them on Netflix and Hulu when they have “free” time because that’s just what you do. This is our society and it’s more like The Walking Dead than we probably will ever realize.

Breaking the Spell of the Living Dead

We are all human and we are certainly not perfect. We have free will and we have the ability to make the choice to stay the same or change. EVERYBODY IS CAPABLE OF CHANGE! Read that again.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you have a disability or not, whether you’re educated or whether you have the necessary skills right now, you’re capable of change. You can change who you are, how you define yourself, what you do for a living and so many things about your life if that’s what you want.

Of course, you can also stay the same and continue to let laziness rule your life as you convince yourself working 60+ hours a week means you’re not lazy. Truly, if you want to break the spell of laziness, you need to take steps every single day towards your true calling/passion/purpose. If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, you’re too lazy to make the change.

Even if you haven’t figured out what your calling/passion/purpose is, taking steps to find it will help to snap you out of the living dead curse you’re currently living under. You don’t have to be a genius to change your life. You don’t have to have perfect circumstances to change your life. You just have to match desire with action and start going forward.

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Circumstances Be Damned

Have you ever heard of someone becoming successful in anything in life because they waited for everything to be perfect and for the stars to align?

Of course not! Every real story of success has struggle, hard circumstances and has a testimony within the journey that is strong, impactful and inspiring. They don’t tell stories about the guy or gal that was lazy until one day everything just aligned perfectly, their bank account had the perfect amount saved in it and everything was in order to allow them to make a change.

People that truly change don’t let circumstances hold them back. Instead, they simply change, regardless of what’s going on in life.

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There are more stories about men with children and a wife to support working their way out of a dead end career into their own business than there are of people waiting for the perfect circumstances. Yet, this is probably the number one excuse people use. “I could never do INSERT ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE because I have children.”

This is the statement of a truly STUCK person. When you become stuck, it can be really difficult to get unstuck because you’ve created a habit of excuse and rationalization. You’ve made that mud you’re stuck in so deep that you can barely see past the end of your nose.

Read any story of a business person achieving success (even if it’s not millions of dollars or more than just the freedom working for yourself provides) and you’ll find failures, difficult circumstances and a ton of obstacles. You’ll also find a true calling/passion/purpose, plenty of desire and a ton of action.

The equation to break the curse of laziness is easy: Desire + Action = Success.

The equation to break the curse of laziness is easy: Desire + Action = Success. Click To Tweet

The problem is, most people stop at desire. Then they add in some excuses and self-doubt. This only leads to remaining STUCK!

We don’t need more stuck and more lazy people in this world. Instead, we need people with the willingness to wake up, find their calling/passion/purpose, take action and live a truly joyful life full of happiness and true success.

Are you stuck? Have you been stuck before? How’d you break the spell of laziness? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  • I am stuck! Too much to write. I never stop thinking… I have the best advice ( for everyone else ). So many ideas, thoughts, interests. But I always choose the snooze button. I always look at the whole picture and quit because it’s too big.
    Now, I am determined to change. I will not pass this on to my children. Since I decided to change, everything has become exponentially more difficult.
    Can’t give up. Coming out the same is failure. I must come out better.

    • Jeff,

      Change is very difficult. It’s like building a new habit. We often have to fail dozens of times before we actually create a new habit in our lives.

      Sometimes, it’s best to take what looks very large and break it down into smaller pieces. Focus on those smaller pieces and not on the big picture. It’s not easy to do, but it has helped me tremendously.


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