Productivity is the Combination of…

Productivity is the Combination of diet, sleep, energy and the product of one’s efforts.

There are several ways to define productivity and below, I will give you some of the way. However, as you read, remember Productivity is the Combination of diet, sleep, energy and the product of one’s efforts. I will explain later.

Dictionary Definitions of Productivity

Definition of Productivity

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, productivity is the state or quality of producing something, especially crops.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, productivity is the quality or state of being productive.

According to, productivity is the quality, state or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance or bring forth goods and services.

These are rather bland and only shed a small amount of light on what productivity is the combination of today.

Modern Society’ Definition of Productivity

This one should come as no surprise considering I am at war with modern society just about every day. I believe, modern society’s definition of productivity is by far the most dangerous and most ridiculous.

Modern society defines productivity as hours traded for money at a job or career. The more hours, the more productive you must be. This is the brainwashed, ridiculous way most people see productivity.

In fact, I will take it a step further. Modern society has many believing they should trade time with family, sleep, time with a hobby and about anything else truly worth doing for time at work. Modern society will even flip this to make most people think it’s not only being more productive, but also the American Dream.

Let’s get one thing straight, the definition of productivity and the American Dream fed to us by shows like Shark Tank and others allowing rich people to act as “saviors” for less fortunate entrepreneurs are false and couldn’t be further from the truth.

The American Dream isn’t defined by a job, home or business. It’s simply defined as freedom and a better life than living in poverty in another country. This is what the phrase was founded on, not becoming a rich millionaire due to some investor buying a share in your company.

Productivity isn’t what these shows feed us, either. It’s not putting in insane hours, neglecting everything else that matters in your life and letting somebody with far more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime to take 20% of what you earn.

I reject this idea of productivity and of the American Dream, as it’s built on greed, which is a very shaky foundation.

Defining Productivity through Greed

Productivity is a Combination of

Modern Society and most people today will define productivity through greed. Trade more hours of time and you’ll have a shot at making more money. It’s always about trading something for money, whether it’s time, dignity, your family, your hobbies or even your health.

Our society doesn’t teach that you should make a decent salary, buy a moderate or even small home, own a used car and live a happy, simple life. In the view of modern society, that’s not even living.

If you’re not constantly chasing the almighty dollar, you’re going against what modern society teaches. Modern society is built on a shaky foundation of greed, lust and the satanic motto of “do what thou wilt.” In many ways it’s very similar to the Roman Empire. You can pick up a history book to see what happened to that empire.

Productivity is a Combination of…

Productivity is the Combination of diet, sleep, energy and the product of one’s efforts. Let’s break this down.

Diet and sleep are your foundation. Without a healthy diet, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work, your productivity will suffer. If you don’t get proper, quality sleep, your productivity will suffer.

Energy is the key to productivity. You cannot truly be productive without energy. Diet and sleep help to give you the energy you need to be productive, day in and day out.

Productivity, at its’ most simple core, is the process of producing. When you combine diet, sleep and energy into your efforts, you will get something you have produced.

In every aspect of your life, you need to be productive, whether you’re eating, sleeping, working, spending time with family or simply reading a book. If you’re not focused on the one thing you’re doing right now, you’re not being as productive as you possibly can. I know, easier said than done.

We become our most productive selves when we step away from the idea that productivity only matters, or only happens, at work. You must be productive in all aspects of your life if you truly want to reach the pinnacle of your own personal success and abilities.

Working 100 hours a week doesn’t lead to productivity. In fact, it may kill your productivity, especially outside of your job or business.

It’s not about trading hours for money. Productivity has nothing to do with money. In fact, the most productive people often don’t care about the money. Instead, they see money as a by-product instead of the goal.

Change your perspective on productivity and you’ll quickly be finishing the sentence, productivity is the combination of….in a much better way.

For me, as a Christian, productivity isn’t just my own process of producing, but also making sure what I produce is glorifying to God.

When your productivity becomes deeply embedded into personal beliefs you’d give your life for, it becomes much easier to be productive in all aspects of live.

How do you define productivity in your life? Answer in the comments by finishing this statement, productivity is the combination of…

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