Plant-Based Eating: Gain More Energy, More Productivity & Ward Off Illness (Amazon eBook)


It may not seem like what we put into our bodies really matters. However, it matters far more than we like to think. Just like your car needs the right fuel, so does your body.

Plant-based eating has the ability to give you more energy, which can easily lead to more productivity. Many swear by it and some, like myself, take it to the level of becoming a vegan. However, you don’t have to be a vegan to become a plant-based eater.

There are multiple levels of plant-based eating and you can choose your comfort level. You don’t have to live in a food coma or find that you’re rarely productive after lunch. You don’t have to be stuck wondering why anymore.

You don't have to live in a food coma or find that you're rarely productive after lunch. Click To Tweet

With the right diet, you have the ability to ward off illness, (take fewer sick days) keep the doctor away and become highly productive. Maybe you’ve tried a million tricks for time management and productivity only to find you still feel sluggish and don’t get as much done as you’d like.

It could, and probably is, your diet!

Often, we think we are eating well, but when you’re only comparing your diet to the Western Diet or the Modern Society Diet, you’re basically comparing it to the worst diet on the planet.

Yes, you’re eating better if you have a carrot and a few slices of lettuce a day compared to only eating processed garbage, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ideal diet for productivity.

A salad a day is a start, but it’s not enough for most of us. I wrote this book to help those struggling with both diet and productivity. They are connected like conjoined twins and you cannot deny it any longer. If you want more productivity, it’s time to look closer at your diet.

That’s exactly why I published the book titled:

Plant-Based Eating: Gain More Energy, More Productivity & Ward Off Illness (Amazon eBook)


Of course, you want to know what’s in it for you. If you pick up this eBook, what will you get out of it? Will it just be a few recipes and me harping on you to eat more veggies? Not exactly! The benefits you’ll gain include:

  • A better understanding of what a plant-based diet is (it’s not just a vegetarian or vegan diet)
  • A clear picture of why eating more veggies and fruits will lead to more productivity
  • Discover what it looks like to eat a plant-based diet
  • Tips, tricks and secrets to help you transition to a better diet and gain more productivity
  • Clear look at each transition level, making it easy to take baby steps or jump right in

If you get the eBook and follow the diet guidelines, regardless of the level you choose, you’ll find more energy in your life. That food coma feeling will no longer plague your afternoons and you’ll see your productivity start to increase. Give it a good month and you’re entire world might just change!

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Food = Fuel

We spend far too much time worrying about the pleasure we get from food and not enough time worrying about how it impacts our body. It’s time to choose food that nourishes the body over just pleasurable flavors.

Anybody can eat for pleasure. That’s easy and it’s exactly what modern society tells you to do. Everything in modern society is supposed to be like an orgasm, even food. However, those pleasurable foods may be exactly why you’re worthless after lunch, sleep like crap at night and simply don’t have the energy to finish that important project, eBook, blog post or whatever it is you need to get done.

The Cover

I took the cover picture after I created five sets of veggies and put them in mason jars. It was one of the time management hacks I was trying to see if cutting my veggies all in one shot on Sunday would save some time.

The jars are filled with mostly fresh veggies with a few frozen in there, too. I use these mixtures at lunch or dinner and create a stir-fry, tacos or even a noodle dish out of them. The veggies are my star on every plate and help to ensure my productivity is at higher levels than ever before in my life!


  1. What is a Plant-Based Diet?
  2. My Plant-Based Story
  3. Why Choose a Plant-Based Diet?
  4. How does Diet Effect Productivity?
  5. Plant-Based Eating: What it Looks Like
  6. Transitioning Your Diet & Lifestyle
  7. The Snail Transition
  8. The Tortoise Transition
  9. The Rabbit Transition
  10. The Cheetah Transition
  11. Using Your New Plant-Based Diet for Better Productivity

Discovering how to transition to a more plant-based diet – even if you don’t go full on vegetarian or vegan – will increase your productivity. It may take some about a week to really see a difference and others it may take a few weeks.

Discovering how to transition to a more plant-based diet, will increase your productivity. Click To Tweet

Changing your diet isn’t easy, but it’s important. A plant-based diet will provide more nutrients your body has been starving for, can lead to weight-loss, may clear up your skin and will certainly make you healthier, overall.

If you want more productivity, let me help you transition to a plant-based diet. You can start off slow or you can take it head on and jump right to the Rabbit or Cheetah level. It’s your choice and you’re in control of what you put in your mouth!

The eBook

Plant-Based Eating: Gain More Energy, More Productivity & Ward Off Illness (Amazon eBook)

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