Is Vegan Weight Loss a Myth?

I am here to say, from personal experience, #veganweightloss isn't a myth. Click To Tweet

I am here to say, from personal experience, vegan weight loss isn’t a myth. I didn’t need a vegan diet plan or some special vegan weight loss plan to drop more than 20 pounds over 4 months!

Vegan Weight Loss Myth

I didn’t start at 100 or more pounds overweight, but was once about 55 pounds to heavy. I lost about 10 of those pounds when I switched to The Food Babe Way of eating. Her meal plan isn’t vegan, but it’s very plant-based and flexitarian.

When I went full vegan, the weight started to come off regularly. I am now down nearly 25 pounds and most of that is due to eating a vegan diet.

No Counting, No Tracking, No Portion Control

Vegan #weightloss doesn't require an account with a place to log all the food you eat every single day. Click To Tweet

Vegan weight loss doesn’t require an account with a place to log all the food you eat every single day. It doesn’t allow you the option to cheat by not logging something to make a day look better than it really was. It also doesn’t call for the occasional “cheat meal” and you don’t have to count calories, carbs, grams of protein or anything else.

When you decide to use a vegan weight loss plan, you really don’t even need a plan. The vegan diet plan itself will help you shed pounds, if that’s what your body needs. If you’re already at your ideal weight, you won’t lose weight on the vegan diet.

Your body will do what it naturally needs when you start eating a plant-based diet. In fact, you don’t have to go fully vegan to lose weight. However, when you cut dairy, it has a huge effect on the body’s ability to lose weight. I have actually heard stories about people simply cutting dairy completely and cutting back on meat to lose weight.

The human body is absolutely amazing. It has the ability to heal itself in so many ways and one of those ways is through weight loss. Click To Tweet

The human body is absolutely amazing. It has the ability to heal itself in so many ways and one of those ways is through weight loss. When your body gets the nutrition it needs, it won’t be so keen on storing extra fat in case. Feed your body good fuel it can use for energy and it won’t think it needs to rely on the storage shelves of fat.

As long as you don’t eat an Oreo-based vegan diet (starch heavy) and you stick with a plant-based diet, you’ll lose weight. Choose as many natural plant foods as possible and you’ll lose weight in a healthy way.

It’s not a Crash Diet & It’s not Dangerous

Vegan Weight Loss

We live in a society obsessed with image and the next crash diet promising you’ll lose 30 pounds overnight. These diets are absolute garbage and don’t help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. When you have more than one reason for changing your eating habits, it becomes powerful enough for you to shed pounds naturally over time.

It’s not healthy to lose more than about 2 pounds per week, and that’s only if you’re really overweight. Sometimes, you’ll shed more than that, if you’re severely overweight, but for someone moderately overweight, 2 pounds is about the max you should lose in a week’s time. BTW, that’s about 8 pounds a month.

Yet, we see a new diet plan promising 10, 20, 30 or even more pounds of weight loss in 7 to 30 days. Sure, it sounds good if you’re trying to get into a dress for some occasion, but why go through this every single time you think you have to look a certain way for the public?

Eating a vegan diet or even any good plant-based diet will help you lose weight. When you take the meat and dairy out or cut way back on them, your body fills up on better foods, more nutritious foods.

With vegan weight loss, you don't have to spend time worrying so much about your weight. Click To Tweet

With vegan weight loss, you don’t have to spend time worrying so much about your weight. Eat vegan for a year, maybe less, and your body will have completely reset to the weight it belongs at. Heck, I have been at it for about four months (maybe 6 weeks of plant-based, non-vegan beforehand) and I am already halfway there.

The last 10 pounds are always the hardest, but with a vegan diet plan, they won’t be as hard to lose. You won’t be focused on the number anymore. You’ll know what you’re doing is healthy because it’s not just about weight loss.

When you choose a plant-based diet or you decide going fully vegan is for you, it has major health benefits outside of just weight loss. You’ll feel better, you’ll actually glow, your hair will grow faster, your skin will look amazing and you’ll be a better you.

Stories of Others Losing Weight as Vegans


I am not the best story out there, as losing 20 pounds is barely an accomplishment. some people lose 20 pounds multiple times a year with some ridiculous crash diet.

All you have to do is search for vegan weight loss stories online and you’ll find plenty. Here’s a link to eight of the best ones and I am including a few more below.

8 Inspiring Vegan Weight-Loss Transformations

Those eight stories cover multiple age groups, both genders, many unique situations and so much more. Some were not completely after weight loss, but ended up losing weight because that’s what their body needed.

Here are a few more great stories of vegan weight loss:

I could add 100 more of these, but I don’t have that kind of time. If you want more great vegan weight loss stories, just search YouTube for them and you’ll find plenty.

Why it Works & How you Could Sabotage Yourself

Weight Loss from Vegan Diet

Vegan weight loss is very possible because it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. You can’t go vegan for a few months, and they go back to eating meat and dairy expecting the weight to magically stay off your body.

I learned so much from The Food Babe Way before I became a full vegan. She talks about how the chemicals in most of our food cause us to keep the weight on our bodies. This is very true for meat and dairy, as they contain all kinds of things our bodies simply don’t need, even grass-fed versions aren’t exactly great for you.

Dairy isn't meant for humans, but for baby cows (calves). It's not something most people can even digest... Click To Tweet

Dairy isn’t meant for humans, but for baby cows (calves). It’s not something most people can even digest, even if we think we can. Dairy is one of the fastest ways you can sabotage your weight loss if you don’t plan to go fully vegan.

If you won’t be going fully vegan, at least cut dairy completely. Eating meat every now and then won’t kill your weight loss results like dairy will. Personally, I cannot advocate for eating meat or consuming dairy, but you’re an adult and can make up your own mind. Just know, if you don’t give up dairy, your weight loss will be slower and much more difficult.

You must go fully plant-based or it won’t work. Just as you can find plenty of success stories with vegan weight loss plans, you can find plenty of people saying it didn’t work. Often, those people didn’t go plant-based. They saw the label “vegan” and assumed that meant healthy, but it doesn’t.

Sugar is vegan, starches are vegan and many other things that cause the body to gain weight are vegan. I gave up sugar last year, which has aided me big time in my journey.

Make sure your meals are packed with plant foods, not starches or sugary junk foods. Sugar is the enemy and belongs in the same category as dairy. Indulge once in a while if you must, but cutting sugar will go a very long way to losing weight as a vegan.

Calories still matter, but you don't have to count them if you're eating veggies, fruits and other #plantfoods. Click To Tweet

Calories still matter, but you don’t have to count them if you’re eating veggies, fruits and other plant foods. You’ll be fuller faster and you won’t go over your calories nearly as often.

However, sugary foods, eating out of boredom or emotions, drinking too many alcoholic drinks and a few other things can cause your calories to skyrocket in a hurry. Beer is my weakness and the one non-vegan thing I indulge in. Not all beer is non-vegan, but some are and I must admit, I don’t take the time to really check as most of what I drink comes from local breweries where we happen to be.

However, I am working on changing over to drinking mainly red wine and tequila with sparkling water (This is a Food Babe tip because tequila is very clean).

The other way you can quickly sabotage your vegan weight loss plan is making weight loss your only reason for going vegan. If it’s your only reason, start by just going plant-based as a flexitarian or pescatarian. Then, do more research and learn about the vegan diet.

I have many reasons for going vegan and weight loss is on the list, but it’s not number one or even number two. I didn’t go vegan right away because I didn’t know enough. I needed more time to read books, such as How Not To Die and to read articles online.

Now, I am vegan because I cannot stand the way animals are raised for food, it’s proven to be the best diet for fighting nearly every disease or illness crippling our world and I personally believe it’s the eating lifestyle most glorifying to God. Read about all my reasons for going vegan here.

Adjust Your Vegan Diet Plan to Fit You

Just about every vegan diet plan you will find can be adjusted. I didn’t use a specific plan and probably never will. Instead, I study what’s vegan and what’s not and I use online resources to come up with recipes for my meals.

I don’t pay attention to calories and I don’t count anything. I take a vitamin B12 supplement every few days and I just enjoy the food I eat.

It can get overwhelming if you try to make a massive change overnight. I recommend looking at what you eat now and picking out what is already vegan and plant-based. Maybe you already enjoy a good salad and the only non-vegan item is the dressing. Switch your dressing and you already have one vegan choice.

I found that many of the things I was already eating could become #vegan just by taking out the meat and adding in more veggies. Click To Tweet

I found that many of the things I was already eating could become vegan just by taking out the meat and adding in more veggies. Stir fry dishes, pasta dishes and soups are really easy to adjust.

Once you’ve adjusted some of what you already eat, start adding in new recipes. Maybe try one or two new recipes every week. You’ll find new staples for your meal plans as you do this.

It can be very expensive, if you don’t pay attention. If you start trying to buy a ton of the vegan meat substations or packages items labeled as vegan, you’ll see your grocery budget skyrocket. However, if you focus on fresh, organic, in-season produce and you add in some organic brown or wild rice, along with some good organic pasta, you’ll keep your budget in check.

I love picking up some tempeh and some of the zero noodles, but I don’t buy much of anything in a package. Most of what I buy I have to package myself into a reusable produce bag. Even the fruits and veggies I buy don’t come packaged already.

I can attest to the simple fact that if you have strong enough reasons for #goingvegan, meat and dairy won't tempt you much. Click To Tweet

It will take a few months to truly adjust and get the hang of it, but if I can do it, trust me you can too. Heck, I am vegan and my wife isn’t. I can attest to the simple fact that if you have strong enough reasons for going vegan, meat and dairy won’t tempt you much.

If my words and the vegan weight loss stories found in this blog post aren’t enough to convince you, maybe this article is what you need.

Just look at the first paragraph and realize very quickly that vegan weight loss is not only possible, but also probable. The article linked above also includes a great list of veggies you can start adding into meals.

The key to using a vegan diet to lose weight is simple; open mind equals full stomach and nourished body. Open your mind to trying new vegetables, new fruits and other vegan foods. You might be surprised.

Have you lost weight as a vegan? Tell your story in the comments below.

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