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Why I Became Vegan


Check out my NEW YouTube Channel, Plant-Based Productivity TV and make sure to subscribe for ALL my new content by Clicking HERE. Here’s a video I recently did about Why I became a Vegan! Before I get into this post about Why I Became Vegan, it’s important to understand this was a long, inevitable process. …

Starting a 10-Day Smoothie Fast


Recently, after watching a few documentaries and spending the better part of the spring and summer studying how to eat right, my wife and I decided we’d do a smoothie fast. For her, this is a way to kick start a new way of eating. For me, it’s a chance to reset after already kick …

Why I am Quitting/Cutting Down on Sugar


Update (9/12/2017): I still keep most sugar out of my life and have not added any more back in. However, I don’t follow any type of Paleo or Ketogentic diet. I am a Vegan today and feel better than ever! My journey with sugar started when January 2nd rolled around, since January 1st was a …