Habits are Hard…When You’re Sick

sticking-to-habitsIt seems like getting sick causes one to revert back to certain habits that provide comfort. Lately, I have been sick and it has thrown off all of the new habits I have been doing so well to try and keep. Only one has remained throughout being sick, which is not eating sugar. I haven’t even craved it much.

However, when I am sick, I crave carbs; specifically bread. I don’t know if this has something to do with my body’s need for quick, sustainable energy to heal me, but all I want when I am sick is broth and bread. It hasn’t been a stomach bug, either, so the appetite has been pretty good, just strange cravings.

The other thing I crave when I am sick and it’s not a stomach thing is beer. No idea why, but beer is like comfort when I am sick. It feels good on my throat, curbs my headache and somehow makes me feel better overall.

Hard to Wake Up

Maybe it’s due to the cough medicine, but getting up has been very difficult. Lately, I have been getting up basically whenever my body wakes up because I know I need rest. I have a feeling this will make getting back to the early mornings a bit more difficult once I am 100%.

I also feel very fogging when I wake up. This is probably due to the cough medicine, which I have no tolerance for since I won’t take medications unless it’s pretty bad.

Morning Routine Shot for Now

While I have been able to stick to bits and pieces of my normal morning routine, it hasn’t been as easy or the same. I like to be up before everybody else around us to ensure I can do my routine in quiet without distraction. Even once the dogs get a burst of energy; it can be difficult to get through the entire thing without a distraction.

This has probably been the one big thing that has thrown everything else off. When I am up early and I get my morning routine done, I set myself up for a good day. When I wake up even an hour late, it can make the day a bit harder to accomplish completely.

Habits Will Return

sicknessWhile being sick isn’t any fun and nobody would expect me or anybody else to stick to normal habits, they will return. Being sick requires extra rest and plenty of liquids, of course. It also requires giving yourself a break from habits and just letting your body do what it needs to do to heal.

I am probably about 85% today, which is better than yesterday, but not 100% yet. Still waking up much later than normal, which throws everything else off. What makes it harder to stick to habits, my wife has also been sick, so we have both been off on everything lately.

It’s thrown out normal meal times off, which has adjusted our sleeping schedule and everything else, just like dominos. She actually craves some specific junk foods when she is sick, which makes things even more interesting.

Did Quitting Sugar Cause me to Get Sick?

sugarThe simple answer is No. Quitting sugar or anything you’re used to can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can mirror the flu. However, I quit eating added sugar back at the beginning of the year and have been very successful with it. Usually, withdrawal symptoms happen for up to the first two weeks.

I believe quitting sugar has allowed me to fight this cold offer faster than normal, as the other people I know that are sick have had it longer and a bit harder than I have. This may not truly be the case, but without sugar in your system, your immune system is supposed to become stronger, at least that is what some people say.

What Probably Made Me Sick

My wife got sick before me, so that is probably where I got it, but she picked it up from someone else who picked it up from someone else. Likely, it’s going around because the weather has been so up and down. One day it’s 70 degrees out and the next it’s 30.

I almost always catch colds when the weather is super inconsistent like this or at least end up with a pounding headache. My guess is this is what has caused the sickness to start and it has spread from there, but I am no scientist, so who knows.

I am hoping to get back to things by next Monday at the latest. This sickness has actually delayed me doing much of anything for lent, as I tried to start something, but just like all my other habits, it fell pretty fast.

It’s hard to stick to habits when you’re stick and feel like you can’t focus on anything. I am on the mend, however. I look forward to getting back to my regular habits and feeling human again.

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