Enhancing your Passion Blog with EBooks (Amazon eBook)


You’ve started a passion blog and you want to make sure you have the ability to make money from it. However, you don’t want to count on Google AdSense or affiliate products. These, in my opinion, are not the best way to monetize a blog, anyway.

Creating your own eBooks is the way to go. You get to control the price, the content and the way you distribute your eBooks. Plus, it gives you the ability to share more of your passion with the world!

I wrote this eBook for you. It's time to spread your wings and join me in the world of eBook authorship. Click To Tweet

I wrote this eBook for you. It’s time to spread your wings and join me in the world of eBook authorship. You don’t need to be an acclaimed writer to create great eBooks and turn your passion blog into a source of income with them. This is exactly why I wrote this eBook titled:

Enhancing your Passion Blog with EBooks (Amazon eBook)


Many benefits are found in this eBook as I go through why and how to write eBooks for your blog. Some of those benefits include:

  • Discover how to write your very first eBook…and it won’t take you forever
  • Find out why eBooks are looked at as an authority more so than just having a blog
  • Develop your new plan for writing far more than just a couple of eBooks this year
  • Discover how I price eBooks and how I use the KDP Select program to boost sales

I don’t dilly dally around with this one because you need to get to writing. Instead, I get right to the main course. You’ll be able to write your first eBook and many more after when you’re done reading this eBook.

You'll be able to write your first eBook and many more after when you're done reading this eBook. Click To Tweet

The Cover

Ah yes, another interesting cover picture to add to the mix. This one is one of my absolute favorite pictures because it was random and it’s very difficult to get a good picture of a hummingbird. Did you not notice the hummingbird? It’s right next to the word “Passion” on the cover and you can see him right there working.

I chose this picture of the lavender and the hummingbird because it was like watching a hard and smart worker all at the same time. This little guy was buzzing around the flowers doing what hummingbirds do and he wasn’t missing any of them. He had a clear passion for his work and I was lucky enough to capture him in the act (after about 25 tries).

I took this picture at a lavender farm on Washington Island. This island is found in Door Country, Wisconsin and it was a huge surprise for me. What guy really wants to go to a lavender farm? Seriously sound’s pretty girly doesn’t it?

I will tell you, it was an experience I won’t soon forget. The lavender was gorgeous, the farm was well put together, we enjoyed some unique food and beverage and we caught this little hummingbird in action. Sometimes, the best adventures are the ones we are reluctant to even go on.


  1. Why eBooks are the best source of monetization?
  2. How eBooks help you develop authority?
  3. Writing an eBook is Easy
  4. Writing Your First eBook
  5. How to Write your First eBook
  6. Developing a plan to write 10 eBooks in 6 months or less
  7. Pricing your eBooks


You’ll have a better understanding of how to put your blog and eBooks together once you’re done with this eBook. You’ll be able to put these tips and strategies into action immediately!

The eBook

Enhancing your Passion Blog with EBooks (Amazon eBook)

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  • Hi Benjamin,

    It’s a much better idea to monetise your blog with an ebook that with Adsense!

    I have an ebook from a long defunct blog and it still brings me in a few dollars most months.

    More importantly, you have reminded me that I have an ebook that I’ve been meaning to update (needed more info to include, which I now have). It’s not even on Kindle / Amazon so that’s surely my next job! Thanks for sparking the idea.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  • very nice information
    thanks for sharing keep up the good work

  • Hi, your article are awesome. i found really help full things from your blog. keep posting and thank you for sharing your great knowledge.

  • You are very amazing. You just charged me now to finally publish my first e-book online. But I will only need an editor for this book. Can you volunteer?

  • Great article Benjamin Ehinger ….!!!Nice to know about new things with helping concept.

  • Hi Benjamin,

    I’ve actually started writing my first e-book to publish to Amazon. It’s not completed yet and I still have to get the cover completed.

    I started out strong and have completed the first draft. Now I need to make it a point to go back and edit it.

    Thanks for writing this, it reminded me to sit down today and proofread my e-book so I can get it completed.

    Quick question, do you focus on the word count for your e-books? I’ve gotten kind of hung up thinking that maybe my book isn’t long enough.

    Right now, I believe I am at around 5,000 words. Any tips you can give me about word count will help.

    Maybe I am just focusing on something that really doesn’t matter? I know I just need to get my book finished and get it published on Amazon.

    The first one always seems to be hardest, at least for me anyway.

    Thanks for sharing this and congrats on writing your book.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Susan,

      Great comment! Yes, I agree, the first one is always the hardest and it’s easy to get hung up on wanting it to be perfect. I go more into detail in my eBook, of course.

      I don’t focus on word count much. I have books from 4,000 to 22,000 words and they are all different. I write until the writing is done and I have delivered the message I set out to deliver.

      The only time I would start getting hung up on word count is if I was trying to write a real novel, which I am not. Even then, you can write shorter stories and do very well on Amazon.

      I also don’t go through a painstaking editing process. You don’t need a perfect book to publish. A once over is usually enough to catch most typos. Trust me, a lot of the books I read have a typo here or there and it doesn’t sway me from reading more from the same author. As long as they get your message across, most readers can forgive a typo here and there.

      Have a wonderful Day!


      • Good Morning Benjamin,

        Thanks for your response, I just got a cup of coffee and am going to read through my ebook to make sure that I’ve put everything in it that needs to be put in it.

        Then I’ll focus on the cover. Hopefully, I’ll get it on Amazon by Friday, that’s the goal anyway 🙂

        Thanks so much for your response. It definitely made me realize that I am just dragging my feet on getting it completed.

        Have a great day 🙂


  • Hi Benjamin,

    So happy to see you churning out these eBooks.

    Fun to write and self-publish, write? Easy too.

    Keeping it practical and following your passion helped me ship a few of these suckers. I think folks have mental blocks around eBook length, formatting, and other little trivial things, and scare themselves out of writing.

    Me, I could write 3000 more if I was not so busy promoting the handful I have.

    Either way, awesome stuff.


    PS….If you wanted a different option, you can always design covers through Canva too. That’s how I do it – unless you developer handled the cover – for clearer branding. Just a thought bro.

    Keep on inspiring and turning out these suckers like hot cakes.

    • Ryan,

      I am learning every day and recently found (probably turn this into a blog post) that when I get away from writing early in the morning it’s much harder to find my groove later in the day. I had a couple large client projects come in and sometimes those can get overwhelming. Need to find a bit of balance, I guess.

      As far as Canva, I have had it on my list for about 2 months and just haven’t had a chance to mess with it. My wife is really the one that knows how to do the artsy stuff, but her time has been spent on other projects. Right now, I am just using the Amazon cover creator and my own pictures, whenever possible.

      We are going to take a long weekend to relax, recover and spend a bit of time with family, and then I am back to churning these out. I have about 100 ideas and that list keeps growing. My hope is to have more than 50 published eBooks by the end of the year.

      I think you’re right about folks getting stuck on the length. I had a lady ask me if 5,000 words was long enough. Shoot, Amazon only requires 2,500 words, so I say, if it’s longer than 2,500 words and you finished your message, publish that bad boy!

      Thanks for the comment Ryan. I always appreciate your insight and you’ve taught me quite a bit!

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