Does Diet Really Impact Productivity?

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Introducing my free eBook called, 8 Practical Tips for Better Productivity through Proper Eating, the answer to the question above is simple. Yes, what you eat really does have a very profound impact on productivity.

For those of us older than 25, we know how things change as you get older. The days of eating whatever you want and not gaining a pound are gone. The older you are, the more what you eat impacts you on a day-to-day basis, but it doesn’t matter your age. Eat garbage an you’ll produce something close to garbage. Eat healthy foods and you’ll produce in ways you never thought possible.

Why Download this Free eBook?

I know you get bombarded with free eBooks, guides and other freebies all the time. However, this eBook is different. It’s not a regurgitation of a million other ideas out there. Instead, it’s a simply twist on what we all probably already know, but are not willing to admit.

Western Diet

If we are completely honest and take a hard look at the facts, it’s pretty easy to see that the Western Diet is a massive problem. It’s not healthy and it’s not leading us to better productivity. When you download this free eBook, you’ll gain access to eight great tips to help you gain productivity by eating better, healthier foods.

Not About Vegan Eating

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I talk about vegan eating quite a bit. I am a vegan, but this eBook isn’t about becoming a vegan. I don’t think everybody needs to become a vegan, but I do think we all need more plants in our diet, less meat and probably most need to get rid of dairy completely.

This free eBook isn’t designed to help convince you to become a vegan. Instead, it’s designed to give you a great foundation for eating better, gaining more productivity and really paying attention to what you put in your body.

What’s Included?

My free eBook includes everything you need to get things moving in the right direction. Within the eight tips, you’ll discover what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for snacks. I also give you a couple of other necessary tips to ensure you’re priming your body for the best possible productivity every single day.

Why What You Eat Matters

Plant-Based Eating

I love to use the car analogy when it comes to our bodies and food because we have gotten away from using food for fuel like a car uses gasoline for fuel. We eat for pleasure, to drown emotions and for all the wrong reasons in today’s world. Returning to a mindset of treating food as fuel is necessary if you want more productivity in every one of your days, hours and minutes.

If you were to go purchase a fancy sports car and the manual told you to only use high-octane, unleaded gas, would you put in the E85 gasoline found at some pumps? Probably not. If you did, the car would struggle to perform at its’ peak. However, if you filled it with the highest octane gasoline you can find, it would purr like a happy cat as it speeds down the street.

Our bodies are much like a sports car receiving low-grade fuel these days. If you eat the Western Diet (meat with nearly every meal, lots of carbohydrates, tons of sugar, processed everything and very little fruits and vegetables) you’re expecting a sports car to perform at its’ peak on the wrong type of gasoline.

You need better fuel for your body. When you add better fuel to your tank, you’ll gain energy, sleep better and your body will actually heal in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Plant foods give us the fuel we need. They offer a complete type of nutrition completely packed with vitamins, minerals and the fiber we need to digest it all.

Meat and processed food-like substances weigh us down and make us feel like we are carrying around a huge weight (some are actually carrying around that weight). Plant foods allow us to fee lighter and more agile as we move throughout our days. Higher energy equals more productivity and the right diet will provide exactly the energy you need.

It all Comes Full Circle

Full Circle Fruit

There are several ways to look at food and how it impacts our productivity. When you skip breakfast (except for the cup of joe) you are setting yourself up to crash. Then, you head out for a greasy burger a lunch, which makes you feel like you need a ten-hour nap.

After a day at work, you head home to down a huge steak, baked potato and a sugary dessert. In between, of course, you snacked on some chips, cookies and something called candy that doesn’t fit into any type of food group and could survive a nuclear explosion.

When you allow this to be the way you eat (or even something close to it) you will experience the full circle of the wrath of feeding your body nothing close to the fuel it needs. It may come around with a health issue or it may just cause you to become a lazy blob moving from couch to vehicle to chair at work, back to vehicle and back to couch before hitting the bed for some rather unrestful sleep.

High Octane Fuel

Changing the fuel source will change the productivity. When you start eating better foods for your body, you’ll start to gain more energy in multiple ways. Just like food can come back full circle when you’re not eating well, it can also come back full circle when you start eating better.

Eat better and the benefits will all start to give you more energy. You’ll be more likely to exercise, you’ll sleep better and you’ll feel better. Nagging pains you’ve dealt with for years may disappear, your mood may become far better and you might just become the happy, joyful person you were meant to be.

We love to dismiss food as our source of unhappiness, but it’s the foundation of our lives. Without the right nutrition and the right fuel for our bodies, we become like a rusted old vehicle without a chance of outperforming that new, shiny sports car.

Don’t be a rusted old vehicle. Get my free eBook, 8 Practical Tips for Better Productivity Through Proper Eating, and put yourself on the fast-track to gaining energy, becoming more productive and becoming a happier, healthier, more joyful person.

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