Cure Laziness: Top Hacks to Wake the Living Dead & Boost Productivity (Amazon eBook)

The popular zombie show Walking Dead has become a regular on our TV screen. It had me thinking one night, isn’t today’s society about the same as the show?

If you’re not a fan, try to follow along and I will try to make this simple. The zombies are all walking around looking for something to eat. They have no real direction and will chase after just about any sound or smell, as long as they think it’s food.

This is much like anybody using money as their prime motivator for starting a blog, business or any other venture. You’re just chasing after something, but you often have no idea what you’re really chasing after – just an empty hope it will lead to money.

The humans in Walking Dead are trying to survive and will do whatever it takes to stay alive – even cut off an arm or leg, if necessary. These people are like the bloggers, business owners and others that have found their calling/passion/purpose in life. They know what they are chasing after and it’s not money, some smell or a random sound. It’s their calling/passion/purpose.

Our society is the living dead. We have a number of people walking around aimlessly doing the exact same thing every single day even though they hate it. They have just gotten used to the misery and now they might simply tolerate it.

This is exactly why I write the book:

Cure Laziness: Top Hacks to Wake the Living Dead & Boost Productivity (Amazon eBook)


Will I be showing you how to survive in a zombie apocalypse? Not exactly. However, many benefits will come from buying the eBook including:

  • Easily figure out why you’re lazy and why you procrastinate through life.
  • Discover the easy ways to get started and conquer laziness for good
  • Move closer towards your calling/passion/purpose with practical tips
  • Learn to set incredible priorities with clear thinking
  • Discover one technique that has proven to get you started on a task and increase your productivity tenfold
  • Connect diet to laziness and learn how to use what you eat to avoid becoming a lazy blob on the couch every night
  • Finally conquer your inner procrastination devil

There’s No Good Excuse Left

You can continue to convince yourself you're not lazy or you don't procrastinate, but we both know the truth. Click To Tweet

You can continue to convince yourself you’re not lazy or you don’t procrastinate, but we both know the truth. We all fight laziness and procrastination every single day. Some of us just deal with it better and have learned how to slay this evil dragon.

I wrote this book to help you move closer to your calling/passion/purpose every single day. You deserve to do what you love. You deserve to be happy, joyful and full of life. You deserve to step out of the masses and into the few willing to face laziness, procrastination and fear head on.

Break Free from the Mundane

I get it. Not everybody wants to be like me and travel the country while writing from a laptop computer in a canopy, outside in the sunshine, the trees and the fresh air. No worries, you can be like you and do as you please, if you find that freedom you need to break free from the mundane life so many people struggle to ever become free from.

You can live an exciting life, but you cannot procrastinate for one more second. Click To Tweet

You don’t have to be stuck in a 9 to 5 you hate. You don’t have to continue to do the same thing day in and day out. You can live an exciting life, but you cannot procrastinate for one more second. If you don’t get up off your butt and do something different, you’ll be right where you are now, a week from now, a month from now and even a year from now.

When I went away to golf school (not joking) I had a very smart teacher that told us, when we went home for Christmas or spring break or our summer break, we’d discover something rather profound. He was right.

What did we discover? The same people, sitting in the same barstools, doing the same things and living the same miserable lives. While there are exceptions to this rule, most people never snap out of the mundane, boring, miserable existence of getting stuck in society’s clutches. They never try something new and they remain lazy, living dead beings without a dream, an idea or a belief.

You don’t have to be stuck anymore. Instead, you can pick up the eBook and discover how to cure laziness, break free from procrastination and take leaps towards your calling/passion/purpose immediately!

The Cover

It’s just a simple stock picture from Amazon’s Library, but it was fitting. The business man has his head in the clouds because he’s super distracted and has no idea where he’s headed. He represents the corporate drones of society with all their laziness and procrastination.

I have no plans to use stock pictures often, but this one just seemed to fit!


  1. What are the Living Dead?
  2. Where Laziness has Gotten Me in the Past
  3. What You’ll Discover in this Book
  4. How to Get the Most from This Book
  5. Why are We Lazy?
  6. Fear of Success and Failure
  7. Laziness from Perfectionism
  8. Negativity Causes Deflation
  9. Not Sure Where to Start
  10. Afraid to Make a Decision/Afraid to be Wrong
  11. Immediate Gratification Rules Our Life
  12. Inaction Doesn’t Hurt Enough
  13. 12 Hacks to Beat Laziness & Become Ultra Productive
  14. Putting it into Action – Breaking the Loop of Mundane Life

It doesn’t take much for laziness and procrastination to be the habits of our lives. When laziness rules your day, it’s impossible to move forward towards your calling/passion/purpose. Instead, it will cause excuses and you will end up stuck right where you are moving nowhere and moving nowhere fast.

When laziness rules your day, it's impossible to move forward towards your calling/passion/purpose. Click To Tweet

It’s time to break free from laziness and procrastination. It’s time to grow and become free.

The eBook

Buy Cure Laziness: Top Hacks to Wake the Living Dead & Boost Productivity (Amazon eBook)

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