Comfort Zone Busters: Why You Need To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Often

We all have a comfort zone and boy does it feel good. However, when we get stuck in our comfort zone, it’s not a good thing. It may feel good, but it means we have stopped growing and it’s time to find something uncomfortable.


There are several reasons people may recite when it comes to why they don’t want to do something uncomfortable. However, it all boils down to fear. We were only born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, so everything else you’re afraid of was something you learned to be afraid of through experience or someone else.

We were only born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises... Click To Tweet

I have seen so many people step out of their comfort zone in my life and I have seen so many stay comfortably in that zone. When I worked as a bartender, I was surrounded by people in their comfort zone. They had their favorite drink, their high school stories of the past and a few friends right there belly-up at the bar with them. Sounds comfortable, but it’s actually rather sad.

On the flip side, when I attended school for golf and gave lessons to a handful of people, I watched each and every one of them step outside of their comfort zone. Most of the students in the school had to do this in order to improve their game. Those that didn’t, stayed the same and those that stepped outside their comfort zone started to catch up to them. I actually dropped 10 strokes off my game because I was willing to become uncomfortable in order to grow.

Benefits of Getting Uncomfortable

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When you step outside of your comfort zone, the benefits are massive. As humans, we love to feel comfortable and it can trick us into thinking that living in our comfort zone is where we belong. Now, don’t mistake this for thinking you have to be uncomfortable constantly in order to truly be living life. That’s not the point here. However, when you step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll likely experience some of the following benefits:

  • Personal Growth – Even if you’re scared to death of whatever you do and still scared after, you’ll grow.
  • More Self Confidence – When you achieve something you weren’t sure you could do, you’ll gain confidence.
  • Achieve Peak Performance – When we are challenged, we often perform better.
  • Boost Creativity – Risk takers often are some of the most creative people. When you try new things, you’ll become more creative.
  • Better Health and Aging – Stepping outside your comfort zone will allow you to age better and improve your health.

Of course, you cannot fully experience the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone unless you lean into it. If you’re paralyzed with fear, you won’t gain any benefits.

Finding Value in Being Uncomfortable


We are only human and it’s in our nature to seek comfort. We want to snuggle in a soft blanket, lie on a bed that feels like a cloud and surround ourselves with people that agree with us on most things. Comfort is overrated and not something we should seek as often as we do.

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There’s extreme value in being uncomfortable. Stepping outside of your comfort zone makes a big difference in your growth today and in the future. Those living in their comfort zone too long get stuck and often cannot get out of it. They do the same thing day in and day out and may even get angry if something threatens that comfort zone.

As you age, your comfort zone tends to shrink and the more it shrinks, the less you’ll grow. However, if you challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone more often, you can reverse this and keep your comfort zone growing as you get older.

The value in becoming uncomfortable can only be experienced as you step outside your comfort zone. If you never get out of your comfort zone, you’ll never experience the benefits or achieve true fulfillment.

Your comfort zone is like a car in neutral. It's neither going forward or backwards... Click To Tweet

Your comfort zone is like a car in neutral. It’s neither going forward or backwards. However, as soon as you move that car out of neutral it will move, too. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is like putting yourself in gear.

How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone. That’s why I have created this series of blog posts. Over the next few weeks, maybe months, I will be releasing new blog posts regularly for this series called, Comfort Zone Busters.

I am going to cover multiple ways you can step outside your comfort zone and start to gain the many benefits that come by getting uncomfortable on a regular basis. One of my golf instructors used to tell us we’d play better if something was on the line. He also said that whatever was on the line had to hurt a little. Some of my best rounds of golf came when playing poorly would have cost me quite a bit.

With your comfort zone, it’s goes the same way. If something is on the line, you’ll lean into the experience more and you’ll be able to celebrate a real victory.

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