Comfort Zone Busters: Taking a Cold Shower


When it’s time to step outside your comfort zone, take a cold shower. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get uncomfortable and challenge yourself to do something difficult.

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It may seem rather silly, but cold showers have plenty of benefits, both mentally and physically. Of course, before you jump into a shower of freezing cold water, make sure you check with your doctor first.

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Benefits of Cold Showers

There are several health benefits of taking cold showers, but the one that will bust your comfort zone isn’t a physical benefit. Before we get into all the benefits, let’s touch on the psychological benefit of stepping outside your comfort zone and into a cold shower.

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When you decide to be uncomfortable, you’ll build self-confidence. While you may not think a cold shower can help you build confidence, it can.

By taking this simple action, you’re communicating to your body and mind that you can do uncomfortable things. Your daily cold shower will make it easier to do other uncomfortable things because it’s far worse than most anything else you will face in any given day.

Other benefits of taking cold showers include:

  • Makes you more Alert – Cold Showers are great on those days when you’re struggling to wake up. In fact, a cold shower can be more effective than drinking a cup of strong coffee.
  • Stimulates Weight Loss – If you’ve been trying to lose weight, taking a cold shower may be the key. A study from 2009 showed that exposing your body to extreme cold temperatures can help increase your body’s natural fat burning capabilities. You can actually lose up to 9 additional pounds a year just by taking cold showers.
  • Relieves Stress – If you feel stressed out daily, a cold shower might be just what you need Jump in without letting the water head up and you may just be able to relieve stress and even increase your tolerance to stress.
  • Faster Muscle Recovery – Athletes have used cold showers and ice baths for decades to help heal muscles faster. Cold showers can help do the same, which was proven in another 2009 study.
  • Improves Circulation – Do you struggle with circulation, sore hands or sore feet? Taking cold showers daily will help improve blood circulation and may help heal your sore hands and feet.
  • Puts you in a Better Mood – You may not believe it until you try it, but taking a cold shower helps to balance brain chemistry and can put you in a better mood.
  • Increases Your Immune System – When you spend time in the cold, you actually increase your immune system. Those taking cold showers regularly actually have a higher white blood cell counts, T helper cells, lymphocytes and better plasma.
  • Higher Levels of Testosterone – If you struggle with low testosterone or just want a boost, hop in a cold shower daily.
  • Breath Better – Cold showers may cause you to hyperventilate a little, at first, but as you calm down, you’ll breath deeper.
  • Increases Energy Levels – Cold showers can be very energizing.
  • Helps with Migraines – Those suffering from migraines may experience fewer of these horrible headaches when they take cold showers daily.
  • Increases Antioxidants – Boosting antioxidants may be a benefit of cold showers, as well.
  • Better Focus – Those taking regular cold showers say they experience better focus throughout the day.
  • Anti-aging Benefits – Ever wonder why some celebrities never seem to age? They probably take cold showers, which have proven to have some anti-aging benefits.

There are plenty of great benefits from taking cold showers. This comfort zone buster is one that you should use daily, as long as your doctor says you can handle it.

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How to Start Taking Cold Showers

You don’t need to sit in a cold shower for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. One or two minutes is long enough, and you can even start with just 30 seconds.

This isn’t a shower for you to get clean or to wash your hair. It’s not about soap or anything other than letting the cold water hit every body part as you discover which parts of your body are more sensitive to the cold than others.


You don’t have to start with ice cold water and you can work your way up to colder water. Even starting with luke warm or slightly cold water can help you build the habit of stepping outside your comfort zone by taking cold showers.

The key is to step outside your comfort zone. While we all love a hot shower, a luke warm shower may still be pretty comfortable. However, as you turn that cold dial a little further, you’ll find the temperature that’s uncomfortable.

Start with a little bit of discomfort and increase it a little at a time. This is a great way to build yourself up.

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Another way to go is to just jump right in. Some of us do better with “cold turkey” or “jumping in” than dipping in a toe. If this is you, don’t try the gradual approach. Instead, jump right in.

Another approach that works for some is to start with a regular shower. Then, at the very end, blast yourself with cold water for one or two minutes. If you opt for this route, speak with your doctor first, as sudden chill can cause your blood pressure to spike.

A Few More Things to Know about Taking Cold Showers


If you want to achieve big goals, starting your day with something uncomfortable is a great way to go. Discomfort will help to build you p and push you forward when tasks necessary to achieve your goals become uncomfortable.

Taking a cold shower for the first time or the 100th time isn’t fun. It’s not supposed to be. It’s still a little scary after you’ve done it for months. However, once you experience the benefits, it will become easier to talk yourself into it each day.

Working up a sweat before hopping into a cold shower can be a good thing, too. It might feel great, especially if you live in a warmer climate and it may have some additional benefits for your sore muscles.

When you take cold showers daily, you need to focus on breathing. It’s easy to panic and start to hyperventilate, but this can be bad for your body. Make sure you’re prepared to breathe when you first start taking the cold shower and take deep breaths. It may take a few seconds to get over the shock, but if you focus on breathing you can push through.

While the benefits are certainly there and stepping outside your comfort zone will help you push through your day, taking a cold shower isn’t easy. However, many very successful people swear by them and those that never seem to get sick also swear by them.

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Cold water therapy isn’t a new concept and has been around for centuries. However, it’s foreign to many of us because the idea of being uncomfortable isn’t something modern society promotes.

If you want to find true success and you want to step up your productivity, personal growth, focus and energy, start your day with a cold shower.

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