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I once wrote on this very domain name about many things. It started as a blog about different sports, TV shows and interests of mine, but quickly turned into more of a religious blog. That is not my goal with restarting Instead, I plan to allow freedom throughout this blog for my writing in order to see what develops.

I plan to allow freedom throughout this blog for my writing in order to see what develops. Click To Tweet

Update (9/12/2017): Now, there are several books in the sidebar and on my Books page here. I am writing like a crazy person and enjoying the benefits!

I am writing like a crazy person and enjoying the benefits! Click To Tweet

Update (8/24/2017): I am now writing and releasing eBooks on Amazon regularly. I have published two eBooks: Cure Laziness: Top Hacks to Wake the Living Dead & Boost Productivity and Foolproof Time Management: Zombie-Like Focus & Simple Organization for Thriving Productivity. I have a third waiting for approval and a fourth I just need to edit. All of these were written between the beginning of August and now. I am also working on the fifth with about 1-2 days let before it’s done.

You can check my books page for updates and my Amazon Author Page, as well.

Update (8/6/2017): It seems as though my blog is taking on two personalities right now. One is productivity or personal development, while the other is eating a plant-based/vegan diet. I am going to move forward with these two themes and see where it takes me. I am very passionate about both and I believe I have a fresh take on personal development, while my compassion for animals has become one of the leading factors for my eliminating all meat & dairy from my diet and going fully vegan!

my-journeyThroughout my personal journey, I have been challenged in many ways to change, grow and become the man I am today. I believe I will continue to be challenged and growth will only stop when I take my final breath. This blog will help to document some of my challenges, provide real-world tips I have used myself and go into detail about many other things.

Some of what you can expect from this blog includes:

  • Tips, Tricks and Helpful Advice – All things I have used or believe will help you or someone else
  • Reviews of Books I am Reading/Listening to
  • Exercise and Diet Information
  • Helpful info on Creating Habits
  • Tips about becoming more productive
  • Ways to work on becoming a better your
  • Helpful advice from me and other on how to take steps forward instead of backwards
  • Posts about wasting less and minimalizing our things
  • And Much More!

I make no promises about what the content will provide or whether it will even be good. However, if you follow along with my blog, you’re sure to agree with me, disagree with me, find something helpful or find it a complete waste of time; that I can guarantee.

I make no promises about what the content will provide or whether it will even be good. Click To Tweet

Question Everything, Until Belief is Formed

question-everythingMany famous people, and some probably not so famous, have advised others to question everything. I believe this to be one of the most important things we can do within our society today and within our own personal lives. Instead of just buying the premise of a new fad diet, political candidate, religious leader, bestselling author or anybody else, question what they say, until it becomes belief or disbelief.

There have been many that have set out on a journey to prove something wrong only to adopt it as truth once they couldn’t prove it wrong. When you question something, it causes your brain to work harder and it causes you to look for the real truth instead of just accepting what someone says. Too often, we just accept things as truth without really looking into them. A few examples include:

Too often, we just accept things as truth without really looking into them. Click To Tweet
  • Sugar is Okay for Our Bodies – We accept this even though any study showing sugar to be good for us or even tolerated by the human body have been funded by soda companies and other food companies using sugar as the main preservative. I quit sugar and for good reason.
  • Fat is Bad for Us – This one was fed to the American people back in the 1950s and 1960s and it’s simply not true. Cutting fat helped and helps to save food companies tons of cash as they push garbage processed products on us loaded with sugar and other carbohydrates, which are far cheaper than using fat and protein.
  • Every Fad Diet or Exercise Program Under the Sun – While some diets certainly do work (usually the ones causing a complete shift in lifestyle) many are simply the product of marketing genius. We see before and after pictures and believe if we follow a diet that seems rather insane, we will get the results we want. Just look as some of the craziest diets we have bought into over the years, here.
  • False Pastors Promoting Prosperity Gospel – When it sounds nice, cuddly and beneficial for our lives on earth, we eat it up like it’s the most delicious meal we’ve ever encountered. Many false pastors promote the prosperity gospel and end up with flocks of sheep unwilling to question what they are teaching. It sounds good, so it must be truth.
  • 99% of Political Candidates Before Elected – How often do we fall for the false promises of a candidate before they get elected? Every single election we hear outrageous promise after outrageous promise and we vote based on these promises. Question what they say and look at what they’ve done already to find the truth of what’s more likely to happen when they are elected.

These are just a few of the many examples out there of things many don’t ever question. If you want to find true belief and figure out what you stand for, question everything until you have a real answer to believe in.

Setting Priorities for This Blog

prioritiesBefore we go any further, it’s important to understand what one might expect from this blog of mine. While many may never read this post, but may read other posts of mine, I believe it should at least be out there. The priorities of this blog will be very simple: 1) Christ will be at the center (God willing), 2) I won’t sugar coat anything, 3) Nothing will ever be written for anybody specific, unless I say it is, so don’t take it personally, unless I tell you to, 4) I won’t filter my writing outside of spelling and grammar check in Word, so don’t expect perfection as typos will happen, 5) This will be a representation of me and the journey I am on, I make no apologies about that.

I could tell you that I don’t want to come across a certain way or I want everything to be positive on this blog, but that would be a lie and would not represent truth. We don’t live in a 100% positive all the time world and not every day will my face display a smile. Some days are difficult and others are not so difficult. It’s the difficult that causes the growth and the deep thought, so it should be welcomed.

In addition, I cannot control how you, the reader decides to take the words I write. Just know, I am not here to personally attack anybody, nor am I here to single one person or group out, unless I specifically say that in a post. Instead, I am here to give you truth for you to question, as I see it.

A Few Final Thoughts

Before I get into the next post, I want to wrap this first post up with a few final thoughts. While I am starting this blog with the hopes to inspire and help others, my main goal is simply to get those reading my content thinking. Not every post will cause deep thought and maybe none will cause deep thought. However, we get fed so much puffed up content only written to grab traffic and drive profit that it’s necessary to seek out truth in blogs and all other content.

I want to deliver truth and I like to think myself. You’re allowed to believe the opposite of me and even comment about why you disagree with me. However, if it gets nasty, hostile or dirty in any way, I won’t allow the comment to be published. Remember, this is my blog, so I get to make the final say. However, if you whole-heartedly disagree with me and you do it respectfully, I won’t filter the comment (unless you add a bunch of links and it’s clear your motive was for backlinks to your own websites).

With that said, let the fun begin!

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