7 Hacks for a Happier Life

If you do a Google search for happiness hacks it will quickly become overwhelming. There are hundreds of articles with anywhere from 3 to 50 tips, tricks or hacks on how to be happier. It’s pretty clear, we are all seeking a happier life.

What does it take to live a happier life? Do you think you need more money? What about more of a social life? What void do you think you need to fill in order to become happy?

We may ask these types of questions often without finding concrete answers. Happiness is something that eludes us, if we don’t have a clear-cut way of finding it and recognizing it. Happiness is also something you simply cannot sustain unless it turns into joy, which will take you to a place you’ve never been before in your life. Once a person becomes a truly joyful person, it’s just a part of who they are and happiness is a by-product of that joy.

If you’re on the search for more happiness in your life, there are seven very simple hacks for a happier life I have found to help you out.

Quit Dieting


Vivian Kelly from Sofeminine has listed “Quit Dieting” as one of her hacks for more happiness. She says, “Dieting just lets you down.” This is incredibly true and hopping from one diet plan to another isn’t a sustainable lifestyle.

If you truly want to be happy, you have to find a way to eat what your body needs without feeling deprived. We spend so much time worrying about how things taste and it becomes the main factor in our decision to eat what’s on our plate. However, it shouldn’t be all about taste. The deciding factor should be the food that will nourish your body correctly.

I am not telling you to go eat foods you don’t like or that don’t taste good. However, flavor shouldn’t be the ONLY deciding factor as it often is when we choose the food we eat. If you want to be happier, stop trying to diet and start eating natural plant foods designed to nourish our bodies.

...flavor shouldn't be the ONLY deciding factor as it often is when we choose the food we eat. Click To Tweet

Put down your cellphone


Teddy Lim wrote an article on LifeHack.org called “Happiness Hack: 10 Ways To Be Happier, Backed By Science.” In the article he mentions putting down the cellphone as one of the hacks. It comes from a study of more than 500 students done by Kent State University, which found that using a cellphone frequently led to more anxiety, less happiness and even lower grades.

This one is very true, as well. My happiest moments don’t include using my cell phone to text, take pictures, chat on social media or for any other reason. The best memories of my life haven’t been documents, but engraved on my mind. Practice putting down your cellphone for an hour or more every day and you’ll find more happiness in each day.

The best memories of my life haven't been documents, but engraved on my mind. Click To Tweet


An article from ScottHYoung.com mentions Posture as one of the hacks for happiness. Basically, if you change the way you hold your body, you’ll be able to find more happiness as you become more positivize. This does make sense considering those walking with their head down look and probably feel defeated.

Body language doesn’t just tell the world how we feel, but tells us how to feel. Walk with your head up high, sit with good posture and practice posture throughout your day if you want to find more happiness in your life.

Wake Up Earlier


This hack for a happier life comes directly from my own experiences. My wife and I travel all the time and we stay at campgrounds/RV parks. When these places get busy, if we don’t get up before 8am, it’s like stepping out into a flea market there’s so much activity going on. About a dozen smells are wafting through the air of people cooking, 20 people are coming from or going to the restroom for showers and kids are all over the place playing. Not the most peaceful way to start your day.

When we wake up earlier and very few, if any, people are up and moving about, we are always happier. Sure, the first few minutes are not so happy, but once we get out of bed and get into our day, the peacefulness found in the early morning hours help provide happiness all day long.

Stop Complaining

Another one from my own experience, complainers are rarely happy. Click To Tweet

Another one from my own experience, complainers are rarely happy. One of the keys to true happiness and joy is finding the positive in every situation and being happy with what you have, even if it’s not very much or someone else has more than you.

When we complain, we are basically telling the world and ourselves, we are not happy. Complaining is often done in the United States about first-world problems that really are not problems. We don’t have real struggles in this county, even though we all think we do. Real struggles include trying to figure out where your next meal will come from or how you will have a roof over your head or where you will get clean water from? These are problems only a small amount of people in the United States face.

When you look around and take a hard glance at your life, do you really have anything to complain about? Start replacing your complaints with something you’re thankful for and watch your happiness soar.

Pursue Your Passion, and do what you want to do.

An article found on VanguardStaffing.com shows one of the happier life hacks as pursing your passion. This is a very big one and I agree completely. When you pursue your calling/passion/purpose in life, you will become happier. You should work as hard as you can to get to a place where you are doing only what you’re called to do or what you would consider to be your purpose or passion.

If you want to discover true, lasting happiness and joy, figure out what your calling/passion/purpose is and spend the majority of your time doing it.

Spend More Time Outdoors


Another hack from Teddy Lim and the LifeHack.org article from above, spending more time outdoors is a great way to find more happiness. It gives us fresh air, a chance to be with nature and you’ll get more sun. In fact, the article from LifeHack.org mentions a book by Shawn Achor called, “The Happiness Advantage.” This book shows that if you spend at least 20 minutes outdoors every day (regardless of the weather) you’ll have a more positive mood.

The article also mentions another study from The London School of Economics and Political Science, which supports the claim and states that spending time outside on a warm and sunny afternoon is even better, especially if you’re near the sea. It’s not just a little bit more happiness, either. The study stated people are actually, “substantially happier outdoors in all natural environments than they were in urban environments.”

You may think that it has to be in the 70s or 80s outside to be happy, as well. However, the American Meteorological Society found happiness is at the peak when the temperature is 13.9-degrees Celsius, which is only 57-degrees Fahrenheit. That means those in Florida and Southern California are not the ones with the best temperature for happiness!

There are several other hacks for a happier life that could be mentioned in this article, such as:

  • Practicing your Spirituality or Faith often
  • Get better quality sleep
  • Exercise more
  • Volunteer to help others every week
  • Practice gratitude or write a gratitude list daily
  • Write in a journal regularly
  • Live in the moment more
  • Let go of things that have already happened

Finding happiness is a wonderful thing in your life and you may not need to change much. The seven hacks for a happier life I have included above are the ones I find to be the most important. I have discovered that with a plant-based diet, waking up earlier, practicing better posture, replacing complaining with gratitude, getting outside more and working at your calling/passion/purpose, many of the other hacks for happiness become a bit automatic.

For example, when my wife and I decided to start eating a vegan diet, it only took about a week or so before I started sleeping deeper. In addition, I felt that my body was being fed better and I don’t crave nearly as much garbage or dead food throughout the day. It helped my mood because just this one change caused other changes to happen without me having to focus on them.

What has worked for you? Have you found a way to enjoy a happier, more joyful life? What was the big Ah-Ha moment or hack you used to significantly increase your happiness? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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  • Hi Benjamin, I love this one. Shared on my Happiness board over on Flipboard. I’m up early this a.m. I just could not sleep. I wanted to do so many things today before going to the day job.
    I love spending times outdoors and it really relaxes me when I get stressed too.
    I do use my mobile a lot and when I can put it down and leave it behind for a few hours it’s a really freeing feeling. No one can reach me 🙂
    Thanks for all these tips, they really can make a difference in people’s lives. Even if they just changed one habit for one of these – and then another after that one. It all starts with one change 🙂

    • Lisa,

      Thanks for the share for sure! I have those nights were I can’t sleep and they are usually when I am inspired and need to get some words out of my brain and onto paper.

      The outdoors are so powerful when it comes to relaxing and stress relieving. Our lifestyle allows us to step outside quite a bit as our inside is just over 200 square feet. Love getting out for campground walks and working in our canopy outside.

      It’s a great feeling when nobody can get a hold of you for sure. That’s one of my favorite feelings. I love it when I am with people I enjoy spending time with and all the sudden we have gone somewhere where nobody gets cell service. It always leads to great conversation and more freeing fun!

      Thanks for the comment and I am so glad we’ve connected!

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