7 Habits for Better Sleep

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If you’ve read anything I have written, you know I believe food and productivity are linked. I also believe productivity expands past just what makes you money.

Sleep and productivity are linked, as well. When you read these seven habits for better sleep, you will be able to use them right away to help you sleep better. Better sleep means better productivity on the job, at home and in your bedroom.

Habits for Better Sleep

Before we get to the habits for better sleep, it’s important to know how productivity extends past your job. You need to be productive in every area of life including what makes you money, your family life, your diet and your sleep. It’s all interconnected!

Use the following habits for better sleep and you’ll start to notice a difference in your productivity.

No Screens 1 Hour Before Bed

We are surrounded by screens and they interrupt our sleep every single night. The light from the screens causes our eyes to stay awake and if we are doing something that keeps our mind racing, it can keep us from falling asleep.

Putting the phone, the computer, the tablet and even the TV away one hour before bed will help you sleep better. You’ll avoid the blue light just about every screen puts off.

If you cannot put the screens away, at least install apps to protect yourself. I use the f.lux app on my computer and the twilight app on my phone. Both of these apps can be set to automatically dim your screens and change the color when the sun goes down. This helps to take away some of the effects of the blue light.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

The myth that alcohol helps you sleep needs to be put to rest once and for all. Sure, it knocks you out, but it also interrupts your sleep throughout the night.

Now, I am not going to tell you to never drink. I enjoy a good beer or cocktail just as much as the next person.

The key is to drink with dinner or drink hours before you’re going to go to bed. Drink in moderation and give your body a few hours to clear the alcohol before you head to bed. This will help you sleep better and you won’t wake up or have alcohol impacting your sleep in the middle of the night.

Dim the Lights

Our bodies and minds are in tune with nature. We start to feel tired when the sun goes down, if you don’t have all your lights on at home. Keeping in tune with nature will help you sleep better.

Dim the lights and start turning them off as the sun starts to set. This will help your body naturally get ready for a good night of sleep. If it’s dark outside, but all your house lights are on, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

A few hours before you bedtime, start dimming lights and turning some of them off. This will help your body produce melatonin (LINK) which helps you get ready to go to sleep.

Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

Daily exercise helps you sleep better. Even just 10 minutes of power walking will do the trick. While it can take many weeks for this to actually start to show up in your sleep, daily exercise is one of the best habits for better sleep.

Exercise helps to elevate your body temperature, speed up the metabolism and release cortisol into your body. Make sure you do your exercise early in the day, however. If you exercise too close to bedtime, it can be hard to get to sleep.

Avoid Caffeine 6 hours Before Bed

One of the worst things you can do is drink too much caffeine too close to bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulant and takes hours to get out of the body. You can have sleep problems ten to twelve hours after drinking caffeine, if you have too much of it.

Personally, I drink my morning coffee and that’s about it. Sometimes, I have tea with lunch, but most of the time, my beverages throughout the day don’t include caffeine. This has certainly helped me sleep better and sleep throughout the night more often.

Read Fiction at Night

Read Fiction for Better Sleep

Reading is a great way to relax the mind and get it ready for bed. However, if you read a self-help book or something else teaching you something, it won’t work.

Read fiction books at night. Find an author or book series you really like and read for 30 minutes before you head off to bed. Fiction tells a story and we all love bedtime stories.

Turn Down the Heat

The optimum temperature for sleep varies a bit for people, but it’s usually around 65-degrees Fahrenheit. Too often, we love to be cozy and warm at night, but it’s better if you’re a little cold. If your bedroom is too hot or too cold, it will interrupt your sleep. It needs to be just right.

A few more great habits for better sleep include:

  • Use comfortable pillows and a comfortable mattress/li>
  • Only use your bed for sleep and sex
  • Meditate before bed
  • Eat cherries or a banana as a late-night snack
  • Have a regular bedtime and regular wakeup time
  • Get outside during the day
  • Never sleep in for more than an hour on weekends

If you have a goal to become more productive, the right habits for better sleep will help. Sleep, diet, exercise and productivity are all linked. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and high-quality sleep, if you want to increase your overall productivity.

Have a sleep habit that has works great for you? Share it in the comments below.

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