6 Quick Tips to Become a Happier Person

We all want and need more happiness in our lives. It’s one of the major desires of any human being, but how do we go about getting more happiness every day? Here are six tips to help you live a happier life.


Live for Today

I know, easier said than done and you feel like everything needs a plan. However, one of the keys to becoming truly happy is living in the moment. Love for today by switching your mindset from “this is what happened to me or what someone did to me” to “this is what I am doing today or what I am creating right now.”

Take the hyper focus on the future and the past out of your life and you'll live happier. Click To Tweet

Take the hyper focus on the future and the past out of your life and you’ll live happier. We only get today, anyway. Tomorrow is no better than a promissory note and yesterday is a check you’ve already cashed. Live for today, in the moment and focus on what you can do right now.



There is nothing better than laughter when you want to be happier. Click To Tweet

There is nothing better than laughter when you want to be happier. Some people actually force themselves to laugh in the morning to start their day off right. We tend to take life too serious and as many have said, “If you take life too seriously, you might not get out alive.”

Did you know children laugh about 200 – 300 times per day and adults only laugh about 15 times per day? No wonder children are always so happy and enjoy life. Adults have to find ways to laugh more if they want to be happier. This means, finding the small things funny, silly and becoming willing to have fun with even the smallest little things.

Replace Your Thoughts

Just as I wrote the tip the post about becoming more joyful, happiness is the same when it comes to your thoughts. One, small, negative thought can take your mood from happy to horrible in an instant. Become aware of your negative thoughts and start replacing them with more positive thoughts. You can even use these four questions to help get rid of negative thoughts.

Understand, You don’t Have to be Right

Fighting to be right when you may not be or even when you are isn’t worth it all the time. Arguments rob you of your happiness. Sometimes, accepting that you’re not right or you don’t need to be right will lead to plenty of happiness. You don’t need the stress of always needing to be right when it’s something that really doesn’t matter or you won’t convince the other person anyway.

Fill Your Life with Gratitude

Many books I have read talk about practicing gratitude on a regular basis. Some list out a few things they are thankful for every day, while others do it on a weekly basis. Regardless, the idea is that you practice the art of gratitude to realize how great this gift of life you have really is, and you do it regularly.

Eliminate Your Happiness Robber


We are so worried about someone robbing our home; we get a home security system. If we think it could happen to our car, we get a car alarm system. What about a happiness alarm system?

We all have people in our lives that simply take away all the happiness every single time we see them. They want to oppose us on everything, no matter what it is and they become a happiness robber. It may not even be a person, but it could be the news or some show we think we like to watch or something else.

One of the best ways to become happier is to figure out who or what are your happiness robbers and create a security system to keep them out. Whether it’s spending less time with a certain person or eliminating a certain show from our lives or taking the news out of our daily routine, find your happiness robbers and get rid of them if you want to be happier.

Happiness is very important and it isn't just for you. Click To Tweet

Happiness is very important and it isn’t just for you. When you become happier, you will have a positive effect on those around you. What makes you happy and what tips can you share to help others become happier? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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