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I wrote this book as a freebie packed with value. My mission isn’t to make you buy things from me, but to help you transform your life by pointing you in the right direction towards the best resources for your specific needs.

We are all different and we don't all need every single #productivitytip or habit out there to become better versions of ourselves. Click To Tweet

We are all different and we don’t all need every single productivity tip or habit out there to become better versions of ourselves. In fact, you may only need one or two new habits to see a huge difference in your overall productivity, energy levels and happiness.

With this free eBook, you will be introduced to 10 powerful habits you can use to become far more productive than you are currently. If you’re sick of living in a fog of laziness, transform your life now by downloading this FREE eBook here!

What to Expect in this eBook


While you don’t have to get out the credit card to pick up this free eBook, it’s still nice to have a bit of a preview of what to expect. Throughout the book, I will share some of my personal stories, along with the 10 habits promised to ensure you have everything in front of you to help you become a more productive human being.

I don't relate to those thinking #productivity is only a work thing or something you do on the job. Click To Tweet

I don’t relate to those thinking productivity is only a work thing or something you do on the job. I believe productivity transcends the workplace and filters into your home, family life, social life, eating habits, exercise habits and even your sleep. In order to gain true productivity, you must be productive in all aspects of life.

If you think life should be about being productive at work and lazy at home, this book isn’t for you; or maybe it’s the wakeup call you desperately need. I don’t teach laziness in any aspect of life. Should you rest, relax and recuperate? Absolutely, but even your rest and relaxation is a part of overall productivity.

Throughout the 10 Necessary Habits for Productive Living, I will cover:

  • The Importance of Self-Awareness
  • Why What You Eat Matters
  • How to Power Your Life Through Movement
  • The Morning Routine
  • Why Silence is So Powerful
  • Gratitude as a Habit
  • How Proper Time Management will Change Your Life
  • Why You Need Breaks and How to Take them Correctly
  • And Much More!

Whether you feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day or you know you’re stuck in a lazy rut, this free eBook may just change your life.

Change isn’t Just Possible, it’s Necessary

Time for a Change

Those believing human being cannot change are DEAD WRONG!

We are built to change on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Failure to change is simply a poor belief system and laziness combined into a rationalization.

Sure, change is difficult, but nothing easy ever produces truly good fruit in our lives. Easy usually leads to evil or at least doesn’t come with much of a payoff. If you want to truly become the best version of yourself, it’s necessary to change and not just change, but transform.

Transformation isn’t just for caterpillars and transformer movies. It’s deep in all of us and we have the ability to become the person we were created to be, no matter how long we’ve been ignoring it.

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards changing or you simply want to fine-tune your current transformation, 10 Necessary Habits for Productive Living is the perfect free eBook for you. It will help you become a better version of yourself by introducing you to my top 10 habits needed for true transformation.

New Plan

Many of the habits I will introduce you to I consider to be the building blocks of transformation. Without the right habits in place, you won’t truly change. You’ll just be like everybody else setting a New Year’s resolution and quitting before January even ends.

I don’t condone laziness or quitting. Here at BenjaminEhinger.com, I am all about productive living and these 10 habits are the foundation you need. It won’t take developing all 10 to start transforming your life, however. Even just one could be the key to unlocking a newly productive you.

If you’re sick of feeling and being lazy, download this free eBook now!

If you want to become more productive at work, at home, at the gym, with your diet, with your sleep and even with your family, download this free eBook now!

If you feel like something is missing and one new habit could be the key to taking you from average to amazing, download this eBook now!

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